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Don’t Look Into The Sky. It’s Empty.Look, Please Look. Look At Them, Look At Our Children. Look, Please Look. Look At How They Play And The Fun They Have. Look, Please Look. Look At Their Faces And Into Their Eyes. Look, Please Look. Look Closer, Look Near And Look Straight To Them. Look, Please Look. Look And See And Please Tell Me What You See? Look, Please Look. Look And Feel And Tell Me How You Feel? Do You See The Joy In Their Faces, The Hope In Their Eyes And The Fun In Their Acts. Please Look Further Till You See And Feel What Others Don’t. What Else Do You See? Tell Me, Please Tell Me. Tell Me More. Today, I’m So Happy Because I See What I Saw. I Feel What I Felt.  I Know What I Knew. And Today, I’m So Sad And Sad As Hell As Well Because What I Saw, How I Felt And What I Knew Aren’t Permanent. It’s Short Lived. Can We Keep Their Smiles, Laughter, Play And Fun Last Longer?  Can We Do It Together?

Don’t look into the sky. It’s empty.Look, please look. Look at them, look at our children. Look, please look. Look at how they play and the fun they have. Look, please look. Look at their faces and into their eyes. Look, please look. Look closer, look near and look straight to them. Look, please look. Look and see and please tell me what you see? Look, please look. Look and feel and tell me how you feel? Do you see the joy in their faces, the hope in their eyes and the fun in their acts. Please look further till you see and feel what others don’t. What else do you see? Tell me, please tell me. Tell me more. Today, I’m so happy because I see what I saw. I feel what I felt. I know what I knew. And today, I’m so sad and sad as hell as well because what I saw, how I felt and what I knew aren’t permanent. It’s short lived. Can we keep their smiles, laughter, play and fun last longer? Can we do it together?

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