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Books Which Hold Inexhaustible, Unlimited, And Prodigious Knowledge Are Being Executed At An Alarming Rate By The Techno-Criminist Regime. It Is The Regime In Which Technology And Its Blinded Followers Dilute The Precious Value Of Books. In Other Words, Scholars, Wise Men And Potential Youths Have Been Taking For Granted And Have Not Been Utilizing To Their Fullest. This Is One Of The Crimes Of This Century. Let Us Save Books; Let Us Read More.

Books which hold inexhaustible, unlimited, and prodigious knowledge are being executed at an alarming rate by the Techno-Criminist Regime. It is the regime in which technology and its blinded followers dilute the precious value of books. In other words, scholars, wise men and potential youths have been taking for granted and have not been utilizing to their fullest. This is one of the crimes of this century. Let us save books; let us read more.

Neak Oknha Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH

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