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If You Want To Work Forever Without Growing, Then Study A And Do A. If You Want To Be Better, Then Do A. If You Want To Manage Others, Then Do ABC. If You Want To Lead, Then Do A To Z, Grow Outside The Box, Go Beyond Boundaries And Reach Above The Limits. However, If You Want To Be A Successful And Beloved Leader, You Must Have Compassion, Explore The World And Lead With Great Passion And Wisdom.

If you want to work forever without growing, then study a and do a. If you want to be better, then do A. If you want to manage others, then do ABC. If you want to lead, then do A to Z, grow outside the box, go beyond boundaries and reach above the limits. However, if you want to be a successful and beloved leader, you must have compassion, explore the world and lead with great passion and wisdom.

Neak Oknha Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH

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